Consorzio Seven Project
Se le formiche si mettono d'accordo, possono spostare un elefante.
(Proverbio africano)
Consorzio Seven Project
United we stand, divided we fall
Consorzio Seven Project
L'unione fa la forza


Today more than ever the business world and in particular that of Micro Small Medium Enterprises in the Commerce, Tourism and Services sector, is faced with an exceptional challenge which requires enhancement of the MPMI assets with the recovery of its greater integration on the territory.
This is what the consumer citizen asks for, this is what the tourist who wants to experience and get to know the places he visits wants.
Taking this perspective means for a company to face some important challenges.
The question that most MSMEs ask themselves is whether they alone are able to overcome these challenges imposed by the new market evolutions.


This is a difficult challenge, especially for smaller businesses. There
complexity of an interconnected world that goes faster and faster pushes towards aggregation e
towards permanent adaptation which often places smaller companies in a position of lag behind adaptation, with the real risk of not keeping up with the times.


These challenges, which await MSMEs in the coming years, must induce them to seek organizational and innovative solutions that are able to increase their competitive capacity without however forcing them to give up their autonomy.
The consortium networks represent a possible response to these challenges for MSMEs, being the same, useful tools for the acquisition of greater contractual strength and greater administrative and financial facilities for the management of common services aimed at generating new business opportunities.

wants to address precisely those MSMEs that intend to evaluate the opportunity to carry out business combinations of companies with affiliation to the consortium network according to their strategic objectives and development programs shared with other realities, consortium aggregations, suppliers, entities that are characterized by the presence of a structured relationship that can be dedicated to particular aspects of management, as well as individual initiatives that are based on contractual relationships between the parties. Examples of this type are consortia also understood as a form of purchasing group.

The Network created by the Seven Project is based on two fundamental aspects

1) Complementarity: when companies provide products, services and skills for the definition of an innovative process or for the marketing of a new good/service that the companies alone would not be able to do.

2) Interdependence: when there is a high specific investment that cannot be re-used
they may concern marketing processes or processes of a commercial nature for which an MPMI alone fails

Furthermore, in the phase of setting up a consortium network
three relevant aspects must be taken into consideration:

1) prejudicial distrust of the entrepreneur to evaluate the possibility of integration (sometimes
due to previous experiences of aggregation that have not achieved the objective and therefore “better to run alone”) deriving from the level of trust existing between the parties;

2) “align interests”, i.e. clearly define the opportunity to be seized (or the threat from
avoid) in order to bring together the different interests of companies (therefore avoid that
each company participates to pursue its own interests, without clearly excluding the normal activities that everyone already practices with already consolidated commercial relationships);

3) manage expectations by defining what each participant expects to get from the aggregation (in order not to compromise the birth of a focused aggregation from the beginning)




NETWORKS OF KNOWLEDGEEXCHANGE OF INFORMATION AND KNOW-HOWTo share the know-how of the individual subjects
members to gain a competitive advantage
Share access to information sources
NETWORKS OF DOINGPERFORMANCE EXCHANGECreate supply chains by integrating suppliers and resellers into the network
Establish stable contractual relationships of collaboration


Make joint investments by spreading the burden on
a plurality of subjects
Increase the bargaining power of individual members



Our aim: to set up a group for the purchase of some services, goods and accessories of common interest, trying to obtain favorable economic opportunities from our or new suppliers, to be able to commercially offer (therefore resell) to members of the network, withholding a small fee to cover the out-of-pocket management costs of the consortium itself.
Benefit for businesses: it is of an economic nature, in terms of discounts that can be obtained when the supplier is guaranteed services/volumes greater than those that a single operator would be able to request; but also of an ethical nature, because being part of the Seven Project Consortium means entering the showcase of operators/professionals on the “front line” of the development of itinerant tourism.


The objectives of the Seven Project Consortium are therefore multiple and, beyond the purely technical-commercial aspects, first of all is to create a chain of professional operators who operate in the world of itinerant tourism trying to make it increasingly accessible in terms of services, costs and opportunities that start from the operators themselves and affiliates, up to and reach the end users or our customers who will use our products and services. The objective that we have set ourselves at least to date is centered on all those services ranging from assistance: extremely important, necessary and fundamental for all itinerant travelers who will find priority in the consortium centers in services, promotions on accessories, the marketing of vehicles, and the development of the hospitality area which will in fact be covered and stimulated extensively by the “dealer centers” and “Service” Seven Project at national level, without discrimination of territoriality. It is the first national consortium project for our sector, which develops and arises from the common interests of a group of consortium entrepreneurs / concessionaires, who join together and open the doors to a completely new vision of tourism, where the goal arises from believing and creating new opportunities for a clientele that is changing just like the intentions of the operators, leaving behind an entrepreneurial and relational system distorted by the legacies of the past (no longer precisely so current), and by the socio/economic and health vicissitudes that unfortunately have alarmed us in recent years and whose economic, commercial and, no less productive, consequences we still suffer today. An ambitious project it would seem but really possible, which requires a great desire to believe in it for all those who want to embark on a path that started working years ago with our individual companies/activities, and which today probably sees us close in following a path where new horizons open up which together will be (but already are) more reachable, fueled more and more by our enthusiasm and by the conviction of being able to offer a 360° service both for veterans, and for young or new itinerant travelers who, like any other first time, they are enthusiastically entering the tourism sector that will offer more opportunities for those who practice it, and for those who work there like us!

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